Michael Stabell

Selected projects

Commercial & Office

DR Byen, Segment 3

Client: DR, The Danish Broadcasting Corporation

Year: 2006

Area: 15000 m2

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Energy & Utilities

Peak-Load Plant KLC2, Copenhagen Airport

Client: CTR - The Metropolitan Copenhagen Heating Transmission Company

Year: 2006

Area: 1135 m2

Location: Kastrup, Denmark

Mobility & Transport

Byens Bro, Foot and Cycle Bridge

Client: Odense Local Authority

Year: 2015

Location: Odense, Denmark

Energy & Utilities

Green Power Island

Client: -

Year: 2009

Location: Manama, Bahrain - Tampa, Florida - Jiangsu, China - Tamil Nadu, India - Kattegat, Denmark

Architecture & Design

Värtaverket, Biomass-Fuelled CHP Plant

Client: Fortum AB

Year: 2016

Area: 20000 m2

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Energy & Utilities

Substation, Copenhagen Airport

Client: Københavns Energi A/S og Dong Energy A/S

Year: 1999

Area: 4000 m2

Location: Kastrup, Denmark