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Mobility & Transport

Byens Bro,
Foot and Cycle Bridge

With simple yet effective architectural tools, Byens Bro provides a spectacular connection across the railway.

The need to connect the urban areas north and south of Odense train station was solved by focusing on the core function and the natural traffic patterns around the station. The functional requirements are translated into a structure that integrates art, lighting, construction, bicycle parking and also creates a usable urban space.

Byens Bro stands as not only a striking landmark for Odense but also as an attractive, effective and natural part of the urban landscape. Simple and distinctive architectural elements come together to give shape to the City of Odense's vision of a spectacular foot and cycle bridge across the railway.

The design was created with clear focus on optimal functionality, long service life and minimal operating costs. At the same time, the design prioritizes safety and accessibility for all vulnerable road users: pedestrians and cyclists as well as train passengers.

For more information on the project, please visit www.odense.dk/stibro

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