It is one thing creating beautiful architecture. It is quite another to ensure that all users can access the functions of the structure. At Gottlieb Paludan Architects, we provide advice within accessibility and wayfinding focused on the users’ needs and requirements. We have comprehensive experience developing integrated accessibility solutions for buildings, infrastructure and urban spaces. 

We take a function-based approach to accessibility design, focusing on the specific practical problems and creating intelligent solutions, rather than merely following and conforming to rules and guidelines. Our accessibility services range from organization of project processes, design of guidance lines at stations and other public spaces to the development of wayfinding solutions for major hospital complexes, and accessibility focused client consultancy.

For example, we provided client consultancy services in connection with the building of  the new DPOD (Disabled Peoples Organisations Denmark) domicile — referred to as ‘the world’s most accessible office building’ — which was inaugurated in 2012. For that reason, we have a wide network within the field and have access to specialists with knowledge about the various disability groups and their specific challenges.

We have experience with a wide range of well-documented methods and solutions, which ensures strong feelings of ownership among users. Careful definitions of user types and needs, together with a comprehensive analysis of the ‘user journey’ from start to finish, constitute central aspects of our approach. We develop our solutions in the interchange between information gathering, analysis and practical trials of actual proposals. Process and method are adapted to the individual project, depending on the particular client’s expectations, time frame and budget.


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