Light and lighting

The year has 8,760 hours. For more than half of that time, we benefit from having natural light; the rest of the time, we depend on artificial lighting. During the light hours, we must take full advantage of the natural light. Natural light is free, plentiful and contributes a unique quality to architecture. When the sun goes down, buildings and outdoor spaces must still function and create aesthetic experiences. Nothing happens by itself. Successful lighting design is the result of meticulous planning, ideally included in the creative process of any project.

The right light supports a wide range of qualities in architecture and design, whether it be corporate headquarters, traffic terminals, bridges, utility plants or control rooms. According to the specific requirement, light may be used to support function or to create a feeling of comfort or a sense of security or to add drama. Good lighting design starts with a clear vision as to how light can support the architectural requirements and enhance its qualities.

At Gottlieb Paludan Architects, we use light as an important architectural feature in all our projects.  The preliminary lighting strategy specifies the role of light in the particular project and the interplay between architecture and lighting; during the development phase, we produce mock-ups and test the lighting design; and the final checks and adjustments are made during the completion phase. Whatever the project, the objective remains the same: to create complete architecture.


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