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Mobility & Transport

Nørreport Station, Copenhagen

Nørreport Station is Denmark’s busiest transport hub, and following the transformation, it has become a well-functioning station in an urban space with good user flow and a strong urban pulse.

The project fell into three sub-projects: the urban space sub-project with new designs of the station forecourt and buildings, pavings and surfacings, bicycle parking, access and traffic arrangements; modernization of the platform for long-distance trains; and concrete renovation of the bridge structures supporting the ground above the station. The needs of vulnerable road users were generally prioritized via rerouting and reducing vehicular traffic. Key values were urban life, passenger flow, wayfinding and accessibility.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects was involved in all three sub-projects and coordinated many different considerations across the participating organizations. We were full-service adviser on the urban space sub-project and served as sub-consultant on the other two sub-projects. We also handled the processes and communication in relation to user groups and stakeholders, were responsible for the call for tenders and conducted technical supervision during the construction phase of all three sub-projects.

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